Sourabh saini

Bhavini is an energy engineer post graduated from Central University of Jharkhand. She has worked on daylight simulations of various projects seeking IGBC & GRIHA rating. She has keen interest in energy modelling and documentation of various ratings of IGBC, GRIHA & LEED

Rohan has more than 3 years of experience in green building facilitation and documentation. He is an architect with keen interest in sustainable development of our country. He is a an IGBC AP & GRIHA Certified Professional and Evaluator (Landscape).

Akshay is an architect with over 12 years of experience in the field of Architectural Design,  Sustainability, Building Engineering and Green Building Certifications. He has worked globally as an Architect & Green Building Consultant in Australia, UK & India. He carries deep understanding of various international building practices, codes & standards.

•COA Registered Architect
•IGBC Accredited Professional
•GRIHA Certified Trainer & Evaluator
•ECBC MAster Trainer


Swati garg

Rohan Chauhan

Yash is a Mechanical Engineer with interest in building performance analysis.  He has worked on Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD), Building Energy Simulations, Indoor Air Quality modelling & thermal comfort studies 

Siddharth is an architect graduated from Indo Global College of Architecture, Chandigarh. He brings with him experience in green building certification on LEED & GRIHA projects. He has also been a part of Haryana ECBC cell and has worked on ECBC compliance & documentation of commercial buildings in Haryana. He is also well versed with building analysis through Building Energy & Daylight Simulations. •Registered Architect- Council of Architecture (India)
•WELL Accredited Professional
•LEED Green Associate

Swati is a young mechanical engineer with over 3 years of diverse professional experience. In her previous organizations, she has worked as HVAC Consultant, IT professional & Green Building Consultant. Being a keen learner & dedicated professional she has developed skills in building performance simulations and is passionate about sustainability.

Sourabh is a Mechanical Engineer with interest in investigating building performance and energy consumption.  He has worked on Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD), & Building Energy Simulations.

shivam poonia

Siddharth Gautam

Passive Design Consultants

Shivam Ponia is a Mechanical Engineer from Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur. He is involved in high performance building energy simulations and analysis. Being passionate about sustainable growth of India, he is now focussing on green building design and ratings in carrier.


Bhavini Pandey

Akshay Kumar Gupta