Daylight simulations & glare optimisation

Green building certification helps to validate project's sustainability target and puts client into forefront of the green branding.  

climate responsive concept design & strategy development


Develop  design strategies responsive to local climate & project requirements using latest climatic data & psychrometric studies.

green building certification

site master planning simulations

Use building simulations to assess renewable energy potential & design to maximize harness at site.

Master planning studies include site solar shading, facade solar access & wind flow CFD for  Micro-Climate generation & minimise heat islands.   

Indoor CFD simulations used to enhance occupant's thermal comfort, validate HVAC design parameters & prevent indoor contamination.


Optimise building facade, window to wall ratio, solar shades & glazing specifications to enhance daylight & minimise solar glare.

Whole building energy simulations to optimize annual energy consumption, indoor thermal comfort & value engineering.

Interior & exterior lighting design simulations

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renewable energy assessment & design calculations

Enhance energy efficiency & building occupant's performance by optimizing indoor lighting design & illumination through simulation studies.

Passive Design Consultants

Building design & performance simulations